Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am so excited that I have finally finished the disc and it is up and listed on both ebay and etsy!!!!! I worked long hours on this one and I am hoping that it does well..... I really did have a great time working on designing these pieces and am thrilled to be sharing them. There are so much more uses than on scrapbook layouts like cards, shadow boxes, you name it!!!!

I think I am going to work on a baby CD next! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This weeks listings......

Another week of shabby designs! I am thinking that I might have enough designs to do a new pattern disc. Now to sit down and design the patterns! I guess that is what I get for drawing out the piecing and adding to it as I go along. I have no patterns and have to recreate them to do them again. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


We decided to take a last minute trip up to Boulder this past Friday. Well the actual trip wasn't last minute - just the overnight stay was. Tyler had an admitted student day on campus that was to begin at 7 am Saturday morning. Boulder is about an hour away from where we live so at the last minute we decided "why not pull the kids out of school and have a short hotel stay?" The kids were of course excited. We spent as much time as we could in the pool and spent the rest of the time exploring the town. The backdrop is simply gorgeous. The town itself has both good and bad spots, I think the thing I was surprised about is just how small the town is. We did also drive by the infamous "hill" at CU. A little surprising, but I have to keep in mind this is college and YES my son is old enough to be here even though I still look at him as my little boy. I totally now get why Tyler wants to go to school here, it is both a great school with an awesome program and the setting, it is just so beautiful.... I think my son might actually be moving this fall.. :( I told him that we are gonna be moving with him.....yeah, it didn't go off too well with him.. :)

This past weeks listings......

Wasn't able to get last weeks listing up until today. :) It was yet another busy week in our household. I always wonder why everything just seems to be packed into the end of the school year. I did a few more coordinating listings in the shabby chic theme for the week. I am thinking after I complete a couple more orders, I will sit down and do this shabby furniture disc. I would love to hear what other patterns you would like to see on this disc. Either leave a comment here or email me! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

This weeks listings......

Having a little fun again with the shabby furniture! I am actually thinking about doing an entire patterned disc with the furniture piecings that I have come up with. Now to find the time to sit down and do it. :)