Sunday, March 22, 2009


YIPEE!!!!!  I finally finished my 3rd pattern CD.....  I had recently gotten a Mac and just couldn't figure out how to put it together.  Well after some long trials, it is finally done!!  I have to say, I am rather proud of the piecings offered on this CD.  On this CD you will find:

~ Basic paper piecing directions
~ An explanation on how to make the best use of your pattern
~ A list of my favorite piecing supplies
~ Tips and Tricks for paper piecing on each pattern page
~ Full size pictures of the animals piecings
~ David Dog
~ Caitlin Cat
~ Dotty Dolphin
~ Bella Bunny
~ Casey Chick
~ Willy Wolf
~ Florence Flamingo
~ Philimena Flamingo
~ Frances Frog
~ Lucy Lamb
~ Penny Penguin
~ Cap and bow for the Frances Frog
~ Palm tree
~ and Layout ideas

  You can find these CD's on Ebay, Etsy and BTDL's Boutique.  All links are on the left side bar.  :)

  I do have ideas for future CD's.  One of which will be a Princess Pattern CD that will have a pattern for a castle, carriage, tree's and a horse or unicorn.  :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Disney's Toon Town!

I have been wanting to do another Disney's layout for some time now.  The thing that kept me stumped was what to offer.  I have done several over the past few years and I wanted something "different".  I think I came up with it!!!!  I know that when I go through my Disney photos, I have tons taken in Toon Town!  You know, those in the "jail", the ones where your husband or your children are picking up the weights that are cemented to the ground, and the perfect photo op in one of the Toon Town cars!  Here is my rendition of this fabulous place in Disney!  :)

Mother Goose

Well, I have finally finished my last layout in the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme series.  I really had a great time doing these.  Thank you for all the wonderful compliments!   :)  I do believe that my all time favorite is the Mother Goose layout currently listed.  I added extra detail to the rocking chair and the stool and just loved the way it came it out.  I have included the Jack and Jill layout that was posted last week so that you can see the completed set.  I am going to be working on just the piecings alone to offer on both the BTDL webstore and etsy.  I hope to have those done and listed by the end of the month...