Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This weeks listings.....

Here are this weeks listings..... I actually did a person! :) I kept putting of trying it thinking that I was not going to get the eyes right, the nose, or the mouth BUT Santa has most of that hiding behind his beard! :) Couldn't make it any easier. :) I am actually really happy with the way that he turned out so you may be seeing him making a few more appearances before Christmas!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Pixie Cottage - Charity Auction

What a great collaboration of artist in this charity auction hosted by the Pixie Cottage! There are over 20 handmade cards and a beautiful hand decorated box. The auction will run for 7 days on ebay and can be found here:

Sorry I can't get the link to work. :( You can copy and paste this to your browser or at eBay search product number 370295806611...

100% of the proceeds will go to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sneak Peek - Tonights Listings

Boy is it hard when family leaves. Last week my Mother and sister came to visit. We had a really great visit, the children just loved having family around and being spoiled by them. Caitlin had a school play last week and was so happy to have her Nana and Aunt there. She was also thrilled to receive not one but THREE bouquets of flowers! :) That was the reason I had taken off last week, to spend some time with them. I so enjoyed it and getting back to work and on track this week was a little difficult for me..... None the less, I was able to complete 4 layouts! :) Glad to be in a new season where ideas flow...... :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let it snow part II

After all is said and done with last weeks snow, our final totals were 24 inches! Can you believe that!? Of course this IS Colorado so most of it has already melted and by the time my Mother and sister get here on Saturday there will be nothing left.... :( Here are some of the final pictures. All I can say it thank goodness for snowblowers and NOT having to shovel!!!!!

This weeks listings.

Here are your sneak peeks for this week! I FINALLY did the layout that my husband has been suggesting for weeks - a Thanksgiving Mayflower layout with Pilgrim bears on the ship and Indians on the second page.. :) I have to admit, I have done over 1500 layouts for ebay over the 6 years I have been selling, at times I am just out of ideas. I sometimes sit at my desk for hours thinking. Poor guy tries to give me some ideas and if I just am not "feeling" it, it isn't going to work. This week I was "feeling" it. :) I am ALWAYS up for ideas so please feel free, at anytime, to leave them in the comments section. If I am not "feeling" it this week, I may next week, or the next week!!!!

I will be taking some time off next week. My mother and sister will be coming from Hawaii for a visit and I will spending some much needed time with them! The children are very excited to be spending time with family as well! Caitlin is super excited that they will be here for her play! Enjoy next week, I will!!!!!!