Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This past weeks listings......

UGH! My office is just so hot! It is the room above the garage. I am sure that is part of the reason, that and the air just doesn't come blaring into this room like it does the others. Summer is one of the hardest times for me to get any work done. I am just not feeling so creative when all I can think about is how hot I am! :) I was able to get two double layouts, one one page, and a couple of piecings done despite the heat. I my only hope is that I will be able to do the same this week, we are in the 90's and at 9:25 am, I am already hot.... :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Teachers gift

Teachers gift ideas are always a little hard for me. I try to give them something a little different, yet something they can really use. This year, Alexis's teacher LOVED bears. How perfect for me, but what to do, what to do? I thought about it for awhile and came up with this note book - what better for a teacher right? :) This was one of those with the fabric binding covering the spiral and a sturdy plastic cover. It also had a piece of elastic sewn into the binding for a pen! So I cut the backing piece of paper to the correct size of the note book and added my little bear holding a pencil and a couple of school books on the side with an apple on top. I LOVED the way it turned out and her teacher was happy to receive it! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did I really forget

to publish last weeks layouts? Why yes I did! Yep, this is the kind of weeks I have been having! :) I guess it is because the children are out of school and keeping me way busy! :) I will put up my listings for this week tomorrow along with the teachers gift I made this year.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This weeks listing....

So I found this really adorable paper stack at Hobby Lobby this week filled with Princess Papers!!!! I LOVE just about every sheet in it!!! I only used it for one of the 4 layouts I did this week. That was only because I found it on Wednesday and I was listing that day and had already finished the other 3!! So guess what I will doing this coming week? :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Where have I been for the last two weeks!

Well first off my oldest, Tyler graduated from high school on the 20th of May. My mother, sister, niece, and nephew came in from Hawaii for the graduation and stayed for a week. It started with the awards ceremony on a Wednesday night, graduation on Thursday, then his party on Friday night..... We spent the rest of their time here together, going here and there. We went out to dinner EVERY NIGHT (thank you Mom) and I seriously gained 4 pounds!!!! Work out video here I come! :)
It is really hard to have your house full of family and then to have them gone. I took the rest of the time off to get myself together. Here are a couple of the graduation photos. My son has decided to go to CU Denver for the first two years and commute. Can I just say Thank God he is not leaving. I was just not ready to let him go!!!! :) :)
I was able to get back to work this week and will be posting those layouts sometime this weekend!