Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sneak Peek into Tonights Layouts

It has been a long and crazy week with Brian having to leave at 4 am for inventories, his car breaking down on the interstate, and having to be sure I get all three kids up and out to school on time.  That alone is NOT as easy a task as it sounds, I have one in high school, one in middle and one in elementary.  They are all on different schedules and have different bus stops and pick up times.  I will be happy to have this week over.  Oh..... But I also got the best news this week.  One of my very oldest and dearest friends will be visiting us next week!  I have known Christine since middle school!  She will be visiting along with her beautiful daughter Tehya for the weekend.  A very short visit but I am thrilled to spend any time with her! 

We have added a new member at BTDL!  Her name is Stephanie and her seller ID is Steph_1999...  She has the most adorable layouts and is a PERFECT fit for our group!  You can see her work by searching BTDL on ebay....   

Well here are my listings for this week.  :)  As you can see I was THRILLED to have finished my goal of 5 layouts after such a crazy week.  :) 

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