Friday, March 5, 2010

This weeks listings......

This week I had Disney on my mind. :) Alexis has been begging to go. This year we will be going home and to Brian's brothers wedding, so again no Disney for her. I feel really bad for her, all her friends have gone and talk about how much fun it it. I tried to tell her " we are going to Hawaii this summer, how many of your friends can say that?" I guess in the mind of a seven year old, Disney would be so much more fun. Maybe next year..... :)

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Scrappinmum said...

I've had Disney on my mind for month now. I wanted to go in January and DH said no, wait until March. Well, here itis March and what are we doing? Where are we going? Moving to China so i am hoping to do Disneyland in Hong Kong in Aug. or Dec. How many Americans get to go to HK Disney before Florida or California? I wonder what the Princesses will look like? I know Florida gets all these kids from all over te world in so Maybe China will be the same. LOL Cause who can picture an Asian Snow White, Etc.
I love the Tea Party pages. (sigh) I feel like I will never get to scrapbook again. Good thing it's what I have in the airshipment because they DON'T scrapbook in China!!! (gasp!)