Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween 2008

The children LOVE to carve pumpkins. We missed just about every pumpkin patch this season so I picked up a couple at Walmart. Not as fun at the pumpkin search at the patch but this year it had to do. Here are the children with their creations. Our neighbor had a little pumpkin patch in her yard and gave us the little one they ended making into a football. :)

This year was the warmest Halloween we have had since we moved to Colorado in 2000. Of course, Alexis picked a very warm puppy costume to wear. It was total over kill for the weather. By the middle of the evening, the head was off and she was hot. Oh well, she made one cute little puppy! Caitlin decided at the last minute to invite her friend Kennedy over so we scrambled for a costume. Thank goodness her red witch still fit! Tyler, of course being to old, didn't want to go out. But when his friends came to our house, out came the old costumes again and he went out with a cape and mask.

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