Friday, May 22, 2009

Tyler's Junior Prom Picture

It sure is nice that one of my very best friends is a professional photographer!  She offered to take some photos before Tyler's prom in April.  She did an outstanding job and I am so thankful to have these.  For some reason, there were no photo's taken at the prom.  Puzzling.....  She travels and does some of the most amazing wedding photos I have seen.  Too bad I didn't know her when I was getting married!  You can bet she will be doing Tyler's senior photos.  I have her link on my left side bar, Brittan Photography, take a look at her amazing work!  Thanks so much Shannon!!!!!

We also got some wonderful news regarding Tyler's ACT'S!  He scored a 32!!!!  He is currently looking into CU Boulder's premed program.  I am sure this score is the extra push he needed.  Congratulations son!  :)

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Shannon said...

Just saw this Tina - you are so nice to me! Sure do love having you as my friend!!