Monday, June 1, 2009

Congratulations Alexis

We had an early morning today.  Up and out the door a little after 7 am. Today was a special day for Alexis and quite honestly we had heard tons about it all weekend.  :)  It was breakfast in honor of her, and several other children, being awarded the "Principals' Award".  I think the best part of her day was not only the dozens of donuts that she could pick from, but that she was going to be able to chew gum all day.  A special privilege give to children receiving this award for the day.  The simplicities of being young.  :)   Here is Alexis right after she received her award and one of her standing next to best friend London.  Yes, they are the same age!  :)  Can you tell both my husband and I are tall?!  :)

Congratulations sweet princess, I am sure you will be having many more...  :)

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scrappyjan said...

OH she is growing so fast!!! What a cutie!! CONGRATS ALEXIS!!!!!