Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So sorry for the long break!

So sorry for taking such a long break.....  Our family has not gone on a vacation in quite a while.  This summer we actually had a chance to take two of them back to back.  It was so much fun, but as you can imagine coming back after such a long time off, there was so much to catch up on.  The children were starting school the week after we returned and I had done nothing in preparation for the big day.   Our first trip was to Amarillo Texas.  Brian had to help out in the store so we all tagged along.  The children were able to spend the entire time in the pool!  They had a blast.  Me, not so much but it was okay because I knew that my time was coming.  Next we went to Las Vegas for my uh um, reunion. (Not giving the year out! :)  )  It was so much fun!  Our high school drill team also had a mini reunion planned for the same time.  We had all recently reconnected after all these years on facebook and thought it would be the perfect time, and it was!  It was AMAZING seeing these women after all these years.  It seriously felt like yesterday that we were all parading around our high school campus.   Why Vegas when our high school is in Hawaii?  Our school was about 90% military so a location on the mainland is actually the perfect location and where better than Vegas!?  That's me in the center of the gorgeous blonds.  :) 

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