Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sneak Peek - Tonights Listings

Boy is it hard when family leaves. Last week my Mother and sister came to visit. We had a really great visit, the children just loved having family around and being spoiled by them. Caitlin had a school play last week and was so happy to have her Nana and Aunt there. She was also thrilled to receive not one but THREE bouquets of flowers! :) That was the reason I had taken off last week, to spend some time with them. I so enjoyed it and getting back to work and on track this week was a little difficult for me..... None the less, I was able to complete 4 layouts! :) Glad to be in a new season where ideas flow...... :)

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sandyvint said...

tuna, i wish my ideas would flow.....i'd even be happy with a dribble....