Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This weeks listings.

Here are your sneak peeks for this week! I FINALLY did the layout that my husband has been suggesting for weeks - a Thanksgiving Mayflower layout with Pilgrim bears on the ship and Indians on the second page.. :) I have to admit, I have done over 1500 layouts for ebay over the 6 years I have been selling, at times I am just out of ideas. I sometimes sit at my desk for hours thinking. Poor guy tries to give me some ideas and if I just am not "feeling" it, it isn't going to work. This week I was "feeling" it. :) I am ALWAYS up for ideas so please feel free, at anytime, to leave them in the comments section. If I am not "feeling" it this week, I may next week, or the next week!!!!

I will be taking some time off next week. My mother and sister will be coming from Hawaii for a visit and I will spending some much needed time with them! The children are very excited to be spending time with family as well! Caitlin is super excited that they will be here for her play! Enjoy next week, I will!!!!!!

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Dee Dee said...

Love all of them. The pilgrims and Indians are adorable.