Thursday, July 15, 2010

This past weeks listings......and more!

This week has not been the best of weeks. My AOL account was hacked into and I lost all of my email contacts, all of my orders, and all of the layout ideas sent to me. I had this account for over 15 years and I really didn't think that I would have to back it up in anyway. I was SO wrong! I would look over my emails to fill my orders, but that is all gone now. Some of the names I don't even remember, so if you are reading this and I have not gotten to your order yet, please leave me a comment here. :( Thankfully, I don't take payment up front!

I will be taking off for the next two weeks! The family and I will be heading to Cali for a much needed break. We are hoping to rejuvenate ourselves at the beach and poolside. We weren't able to get the family home to Hawaii this summer like we had hoped. We felt bad for taking the beach and family away from them, so Cali was the next best thing. :) We are excited to be spending some time with one of my dearest friends Chris and her family and also meeting Julie's family - I feel like I already know them!!! We are also going to be able to take Alexis to Disneyland. (Look for some Disney layouts when I return!!!!) Talking about returning......It has finally come down to me getting a job to help with the family expenses. With a son going to college, and things slowing down horribly at ebay and etsy, I have been left with no other choice but to return to the working world.... I really can't complain. I have been able to spend the last 7 years at home with my children doing what I love. I have made some great friends, and have the best customer base ever! To tell you the truth, I am really afraid to go back to work. Things have changed quite a bit since I have been out. Thankfully, accounting remains accounting, just the programs have changed. I will most likely not be able to continue doing layouts, but will keep the Pattern CD's up, as well as continue to design stamps for The Pixie Cottage. I will keep you all informed on the job search....

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