Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa, can I please have more hours in the day? :)

Yep, that is what I would ask for.  :)  Sometimes I just wish I could have one extra hour a day. During the holiday season I would love two!  Today I spent quite awhile on the phone with the postal service.  Our mailman drove right by my house and didn't pick up my scheduled pickup.  I know that he looked my way and saw the size of my outgoing mail and did not want to touch it.   I finally got someone to come back out, at 5:30 pm to pick them up.  Guess I am tipping the mailman a little more this year.  :)

Here are my listings for tonight.  I really do love doing the Christmas house series. I have gone through 3 bottles of snow and two bottles of glitter in the last couple of weeks.  I walk out of my office everyday with glitter on my clothing, face and hair.  :)

I could not get the third one to load!  I will try again in the morning.  

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Sunnysideup said...

OMGAWD!!! I Love this Tina!!!