Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seriously, I live in Colorado NOT Kansas

This is the 5th, yes FIFTH day in a row that we have been under Tornado warnings at some point in the day.  Last Sunday one touched down just ten minutes from our house.  Came out of nowhere and the only reason we knew anything was going on was that Brian had gotten a call from one of his guys telling him that they were going to close the store as there was a tornado behind it....

Well it was a pretty nice day today.  The kids chose to stay at home while I went out to grocery shop.  My first stop was at Target.  I could hear the thunder in the store and when I got out, it looked relatively dark and gloomy, but still looked far away.  I made a call home and asked Tyler to turn on the local stations and see if there were any warnings out.  He did and said "nope, nothing."  I told him I was going to go to Safeway and would check back with them.  I put the phone down on my seat, HUGE mistake, and drove to Safeway.  While in line I overheard the cashier saying that there were funnel clouds spotted over Stone Gate.....  STONE GATE!  That is right across the road from my house!  I reach for my phone, oh no, I left it in the car!!!!!  Then the hail starts and the sirens.... Oh no!  There is now a crowd of people watching from inside the store at what is happening outside.  All of them are talking on their phones, so I go over to customer service to use the phone..  Well NO ONE ANSWERS - I called 3 times..  I am in a panic now, I don't remember anyones cell numbers, they are in my phone, in the car, which feels like a mile away.....  I go back to the door and watch the river that was once the parking lot.  Then suddenly, I remember Brian's cell number, (DUH I call it 20 times a day) I was so upset earlier that it wouldn't even come to mind...  I call him and he is able to get in touch with the children.  Of course, I don't know this at the time, I don't have my cell and have gone back to watching the river.....  I just couldn't handle the uncertainty any longer, hand my cart over to the cashier and tell her that I am making a run for it.  I am soaked, my shoes are soaked, my pants are soaked....soaked.....  I get back to the door, load my groceries and call the children on the way home.  Guess where they were? Tyler was protecting his blueberries and Cat and Alexis were watching from the picture window.  Cat said that she heard the phone ring but didn't want to answer it cause it said "Safeway"...  Goodness, isn't that where I said I was going?

Needless to say, the funnel cloud did not touch down, but my yard is trashed.  We just spent a few hundred dollars on flowers and such and they are all damaged..  :(  Oh well, at least the children were safe.  

Here are some of the pictures I took of the damage.  I still haven't checked my car.  :(


scrappyjan said...

HOLY CRAP girlfriend!!! I bet you were scared to death.. glad all is safe now... hugzz janny

The Paper Artists' Boutique said...

I would have been crazy with worry. Glad you are alright. I have a friend who lives in Kansas, NUTS!!! Washington is a good place to live!!

jb said...

Love it when you talk about your weather!! and your blog is great too!!