Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mommy come and look at this.....

How often are we asked to do just that? Alexis is always the one to be getting into one thing or another. She was in the loft, very quite I might add, when I hear her ask me to come in and take a look at what she was doing. Of course, I have no idea what I am going to walk into, could it be some Littlest Pet Shop monkey hanging from our fake tree as the rest of the assortment play in the moss surrounding it and now all over the floor? Aspen - our Chihuahua dressed up in her dolls clothing? Well low and behold, she has lined all of her crayons in a circle around the table.... How cute is that?!

While looking for this picture I found some others to post here. :)

This is Caitlin enjoying a summer day on our newly built back porch...

We also watched this tornado form right near our house. It looks really close but we were about 10-15 minutes away from it. It was the FIRST tornado I have ever seen. I know, we should have been taking cover but we were in awe of it.

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