Thursday, October 23, 2008

This weeks layouts, coupons and Primas!

This week the children are home for Fall break. Brian also took the week off, needless to say, it has been a busy hectic week.

I am also beginning to think that I have been spending WAY too much time searching blogs to find the best deals and the best coupons. The time that I used to spend on scrapbook research has now been turned into coupon research! I must admit, it has saved me so much money and it is cute to hear the children ask "Mom do you have a coupon for "insert any random item here :)" so that they can get what ever it is. I have also hooked some of my fellow design team members on couponing. Couponing - is that even a word? It is fun to share your deal of the day with your friends.

I also got my order of Prima flowers in from Michelle's Scrapbooking this week!!!!! Okay so my love of Prima's border on obsession! Here is just some of my "back stock". I literally have shelves of flowers, I just can't stop using them on my layouts. I just love the way they bring life to even the simplest of piecings. I also find myself using them on boys layouts - why not? :)

Yes, that is 17 sleeves of Prima Sprites. My favorite all time color has to be the green. YIKES and I only got 2 in this order. Looks like I will be making another order shortly "OH Michelle!"

This week I had the best time making this fun piecing. I think I will be offering just the jeep and animal piecing next week. Maybe I will change it up and offer a choice of animals who occupy the jeep.

Another one of my layouts this week is my Pumpkin Halloween House. I know, I tend to make way to many houses during the Halloween and Christmas season, but I truly enjoy doing them. An average house can take up to 4 hours to piece. Many times I will leave the rest of layout a little simpler so the house - and of course the photo's - can shine.

I really had fun making the igloo in my "Baby it's Cold Outside" layout. I had hand drawn the igloo, cut out two pieces and used one for the ice bricks. I then chalked each brick before gluing it to the original cut out piece. I ran a line of Snow Writer down the cracks and filled it with Glamour Dust! We were expecting snow this week so I figured I would get a head start on Winter.

Well I hear the buzzer on my dinner going off. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for future layouts!

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