Monday, October 27, 2008

What is YouData and InBoxDollars?

While doing my many searches for coupon deals, I came across a few sites that were talking about YouData and InBoxDollars. I thought I would go ahead and try them to see if the they really were as great as everyone was saying.

YouData, is an advertising site that actually pays you surf the Internet. Pays you to surf the Internet, shoot I do that for free so why not!? They send you to various sites which fit your personal profile. You click onto the site - which many of these places I would not have found without this service - view the site or advertisement and you are paid to do this! I have been sent to some very well known brand sites that were giving away free samples. Bonus! :) They transfer your dollars every Friday afternoon to your paypal account. This is an exceptional site!

InBoxDollars is basically the same thing. There are a couple of difference, 1) they send you emails to read, and you get paid to read those, 2) you can play games on line as well and get paid to play those, 3) You get bonus dollars for purchasing items from the sites they send you to, 4) You get paid to take surveys and 5) They pay you $5.00 just for signing up. :) There payment is different, where as YouData automatically pays you every Friday, with InBoxDollars, you request your dollar amount from them.

Both great deals and I would advise you to try them! :) All links are on the left hand sidebar! :) Goodluck!

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